March 7, 2020

Whats going on with some people

I don’t understand why people thanks that President Trump has CAUSED THE NOR VIRUS. That is just two STUPID. He has his FAULTS just like everyone else. A lot of people are BRAIN dead. Thinking that the democratic party cares for them. They care about no one but to get their back pocketbook filled with money at our expense. They make PROMISES that they don’t KEEP.
President Trump on the other hand has been trying to keep his PROMISES that he made during which time he was running for the PRESIDENT. People wants to be a COMMUNIST country YOU PEOPLE ARE NUTS period. If you want to live in a communist country move your butts to RUSSIA or CHINA an when you want to come back here to live, the doors are closed for no reentry ever.
you made your choses so love with them. PERIOD

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