March 20, 2020


Well I just want to say this about myself. I’ve just realized that I am spewing a lot of HATE on herein Tweeter. I’m sorry for that. My parents did not raise me to be that way.
But life a lot of the times SUCKS so much. I’ve been abused by a bunch of people. Mostly by the low life that I have tried to help out. Because I’ve wanted to see the best out of people. But I guess if you are EVIL I cannot help you at all. I’m not GREEDY at all. I’ve tried an tried an tried again too be good to people but the thing is. People has taken me for granite . I have changed a lot in the pass few months an I Don’t like the way I’ve changed at all. I’m now SPEWING HATE on here on FB. i’m now talking to people face to face an it is not very nice either an I really HATE being this way. I just don’t want to be the way My moms brother is he is full of HATE. I need to be around good people that are POSITIVE people. But I really afraid that no one wants to be around me any more an I cannot blame them. I use to never say anything bad, I thought I had a friend here at CAVE CITY that worked with wooden pallets but he is nothing but a BIG USER who STOLE A lot of money from me. It’s people like him that has changed me for the worse an I had a relative of mine that did the very same. I’ve let people come here an stay at my place. I’ve had 2 nikon cameras an a lot of tools an a double barrel shot gun stolen here at my place. I tell ya it is so hard to be NICE to anyone anymore. I went on a ride to Tn. an my bike broke down an my friend well I thought was anyways He drove off an left me a lone. There is no way in there world I would have ever done that to him or anyone else.
But I do need help on getting through this. All the PRAYERS in the world would be great Thank you for reading I TRUELY HATE BEING LIKE THIS

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