High Sierra HS1374 – Flexible Travel Pillow – Twist & Bend – Helps Relieve Neck Discomfort – 100% Pure Memory Foam – Exceptional Head & Neck Support – Washable Cover – Perfect for Flights & Road Trips


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  • BUILT FOR ULTIMATE TRAVELER COMFORT – Get your best rest no matter where you are! A flexible and super-comfortable travel pillow from High Sierra will keep you comfortable and stress-free, even if you’re riding in economy class. The high-grade memory foam adapts to your body and supports your neck, shoulders, and the back of your head during short and long trips alike. This structured foam does not “deflate” like a poly-filled pillow, staying firm no matter how long you use it.
  • STAY COMFORTABLE WHILE TRAVELING – High Sierra’s innovative memory foam neck pillow is an excellent choice for planes, cars, buses, and other modes of transport. The supportive design is lightweight and easy to travel. The flexibility lends itself to tremendous adjustability, for repositioning ideal for every traveler in any scenario. Plus, the extremely flexible body allows your new pillow to fit into any type of suitcase of carry-on when not in use.
  • USE IN ANY MODE OF TRANSPORT – The different shapes aren’t just good for personal use: they help with using this pillow in tight and narrow places. If you have the room to stretch out, go ahead and take advantage of the caterpillar shape for leg support. Just enough room to drift to sleep? Roll the pillow into the bun and catch a few z’s. This goes for the tightest of airplane seats and the roomiest of trains.
  • ONE PILLOW, MANY SHAPES – No more struggling to get your neck pillow to fit how you want it to! This unique travel pillow transforms into many different shapes for your best fit. Shapes include the classic U-shape, which we call the “love handle,” for lumbar support, the long “caterpillar” shape for leg support, or the “bun” for a super-comfy headrest. For a good, relaxing read, try the tablet easel shape, which supports your book or personal electronic device. For extra seat cushioning, give the donut shape a go.
  • HANDY FRONT CLOSURE – While the memory foam plays a big role in holding the travel pillow in the desired shape, the front closure certainly helps with security. The front hook helps while using this memory foam pillow as a neck travel pillow, ensuring it won’t slip off during use. It can also be utilized to help hold certain innovative positions in place (depending on the position).
Stay comfortable and well-rested no matter where you are!High Sierra’s Memory Foam Flexible Travel Pillow can make planes, buses, and cars more comfortable than ever before. Its innovative, totally-flexible design can be bent into any shape for your own needs. Fold it into one of our five recommended shapes: the classic “love handle” U-shape, the long “caterpillar” perfect for leg support, the “bun” for a great headrest, the “donut” for extra seat cushioning, or the tablet stand shape to hold your book or personal electronic device. Need something different? The supreme flexibility supports the creation of literally any shape of your choice for complete customization.Built from high-grade memory foam, High Sierra’s travel pillow stays put no matter how long you use it. Unlike poly, feather, or cotton stuffing that moves around, the memory foam holds its position once you place it while providing the comfort you expect from a pillow.This neck pillow is great for planes, cars, buses, your home, or any other location you might need it for. Try it out when you’re in a tight seat on public transit or an airplane and in desperate need of sleep. Keep it at arm’s reach in your living room for when you’re watching TV, reading a book, scrolling on your phone, or just taking a nap. When it’s not in use, easily store it underneath the seat in front of you or in an overhead bin.

● Flexible shape for optimal neck, head, back and leg support

● Limitless shaping possibilities

● Use around the neck, head, legs, or as a seat cushion

● Made from supportive high-grade memory foam

● Flexible and lightweight material adjusts to your comfort

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